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Gallagher said FF were only party to get us back on track

HE INSISTS he's no longer a member of Fianna Fail, but that didn't stop Sean Gallagher from claiming that it was the only party to get the country back on track.

Launching the election campaign of Dara Calleary, Gallagher stood shoulder to shoulder with the Fianna Fail TD and announced that he was the 'face of change' that would fix the future.

Speaking at the time to hundreds of party faithful, Gallagher showered praise on the Fianna Fail politician.

"I believe that Dara is the face of change in the political environment," he said.

"What we have had up to now to get us here, will not work to get us to the future. But it can change, and with people like Dara it will happen and it will work again."

The Dragon's Den star went on to describe the outgoing Minister of State as "a fabulous, outstanding debater and communicator at all levels", during the official campaign launch held in Downhill House Hotel in February.

However, today his friend Deputy Calleary insisted he would not be returning the favour and would not hit the campaign trial for Gallagher.

"We're not getting involved in the campaign at all and that's a party decision. I won't be backing anyone's campaign," he said.

Deputy Calleary insisted that Sean Gallagher had launched his election campaign not as a Fianna Fail stalwart but as a long-standing friend.

"I've been friends with Sean for 10 years. That's long before I got elected. We knew each other through the Chamber of Commerce.

"We are both also involved in campaigning for people with disability and getting people with disabilities into the workforce," he added.


Deputy Calleary said that he did not think Mr Gallagher was getting a difficult time over his Fianna Fail links insisting: "Ah, no that's the nature of the campaign."

And while he insisted he would not be helping out in the Gallagher Presidential race, Deputy Calleary was also keeping his cards close to his chest on which way he will vote on the day.

A spokesperson for Mr Gallagher's presidential campaign team said that Mr Gallagher had been delighted to speak at the launch of Dara Calleary's election campaign because the two were friends and shared an interest in enterprise and job creation.