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Galactic box office for movie

Sci-fi comic book flick Guardians of the Galaxy has made more than €1m in Ireland in just six days.

The film's takings smashed other Marvel comics films released here.

Previously Iron Man took €560k in four days, Thor hauled in €299k in six days, while Captain America took €315K after three days.

The film has already broken records to become the biggest ever August opening of all time in the US with an opening weekend of €70.3m.

Uganda revives anti-gay move

Ugandan parliamentarians are launching a campaign to revive a recently invalidated anti-gay measure and hope to have it passed within weeks.

About 150 lawmakers have promised to vote in support of the bill when parliament emerges from a recess later this month.

The anti-gay measure is being treated as a "national priority" after a Ugandan court last week declared it illegal because it was passed during a parliamentary session that lacked a quorum.

Naked cyclist faces fine

An Austrian woman faces a fine of up to €1,000 for repeated outings in nothing but a pair of white tennis shoes.

The young woman was stopped by police after cycling past officers manning a radar trap.

The woman was told to go home and get dressed. She was also informed she had been charged with disturbing public decency.

She had previously been sighted in the buff while shopping in a supermarket and at a gas station, filling up her car.

The woman was not named in keeping with Austrian privacy laws.

Facebook sued by 25,000

A lawyer suing Facebook in a class action over online privacy will limit the scale of the lawsuit after being overwhelmed with support.

Up to 7,000 users a day from more than 100 countries have registered backing for campaigner Max Schrems's legal challenge in the courts in Austria.

The case will be restricted to 25,000 members of the social network in order to verify each account.