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Gaddafi's son fled to Niger

MUAMMAR GADDAFI'S playboy son, known for his love of fast cars, soccer and excessive partying, slipped into Niger over the weekend, a government official said.

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland confirmed yesterday that al-Saadi Gaddafi has crossed over the border into Niger.

The 38-year-old al-Saadi Gaddafi is one of the highest-profile former regime figures to flee to this landlocked African nation whose immense northern desert has been a haven for drug smugglers, al-Qa'ida terrorists and now fleeing Libyan loyalists.

The discovery is bound to raise pressure on Niger which has promised to turn over anyone wanted by the International Criminal Court which includes Gaddafi and another son.

Authors sue digital library

AUTHORS' groups have filed a lawsuit in New York City to try to stop universities from creating online libraries of scanned books.

The Authors Guild and the Australian Society of Authors joined eight individual authors to file a copyright infringement lawsuit in Manhattan.

The authors said they obtained unauthorised scans of an estimated seven million copyright-protected books. The University of Michigan said it was confident the plan to digitise books was lawful.

Threats to US vice president

A MAN accused of threatening to kill US vice president Joe Biden faces a detention hearing in Hawaii.

Secret Service agents arrested Justin Woodward on Friday when he arrived in Honolulu. Authorities say he posted a message to the White House website threatening to kill Mr Biden.

Vietnamese dissident dies

AN INTERNATIONAL human rights group says a Vietnamese political prisoner has died in prison.

Human Rights Watch said today that Truong Van Suong (68) died yesterday at Nam Ha prison outside Hanoi after being held for more than 33 years.

He is the second Vietnamese political prisoner to die behind bars since July.