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Gaddafi's grandkids used Irish school syllabus

MUAMMAR Gaddafi's grandchildren were educated using the Irish school syllabus, it has emerged.

Two of the deposed Libyian dictator's grandchildren attended a school in Tripoli where the Junior and Leaving Cert are taught.

Reports today reveal that Mohammed and Safia Gaddafi were students at the International School of the Martyrs before they fled the Libyan capital as the rebels advanced.


The two are the children of Saadi, who is the ex-ruler's third son.

The school was founded in 1958 for expatriate pupils whose parents were diplomats or worked in the oil business and in 1995 opted for the Irish Leaving Certificate as its final examination.

Since the mid-1990s, teachers have been recruited from Ireland every year to work at the school.

It is the only school outside of Ireland where the Leaving Cert is held every year.