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GAA star saves Arcade Fire launch


JOY: Matthew Ruth (right) with pal Michael Tyrell

JOY: Matthew Ruth (right) with pal Michael Tyrell

JOY: Matthew Ruth (right) with pal Michael Tyrell

A GAA star has bagged a VIP trip to see Arcade Fire in the US or UK after he returned their new album before it went on general sale.

Matthew Ruth, a double All-Ireland winning hurler with Kilkenny, received a personal phone call from Arcade Fire singer Win Butler to thank him for not leaking copies of their new album Reflektor, which he bought two days before its embargoed release in Ireland.

As a reward, the band will jet him out to one of their concerts, where he is set to receive the VIP treatment. Last Wednesday, Mr Ruth (26) purchased two copies of the Canadian band's double album Reflektor from Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny.


"The eagerly awaited album was not meant to be on sale until yesterday," Mr Ruth told the Herald.

"I'm a huge Arcade Fire fan so immediately I went home, I tweeted a picture of the album.

"What I didn't know was I had the new Arcade Fire album ahead of anyone else in the world. Immediately I had tweets coming in from fans in Brazil asking me to leak it."

However Arcade Fire themselves soon got word of the tweet and contacted Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny to find out why they were breaking an embargo.

"It was an honest mistake when Arcade Fire's management contacted us, we stopped selling the record.

"Luckily we know all our customers and were able to retrieve the sold albums," said a spokesman for Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny. On being contacted, Mr Ruth returned the two copies of 'Reflektor' to the Kilkenny shop, but was stunned later that day to receive a phone call from Win Butler (left).

"At first I thought it was somebody winding me up, but it was the singer of Arcade Fire. "He said they had gigs coming up and would fly us over to meet him and put me in touch with his agent," said Mr Ruth.