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GAA fans need to avoid the clampers

GAA fans beware the clampers are on the prowl during the All-Ireland finals.

Tipperary and Kilkenny fans will need to be extra vigilant this weekend after 50 cars were clamped the day the first All-Ireland hurling match was played.

Dublin City Council's (DCC) constant reminders, that the surrounding area of Croke Park is residential and that illegally parked cars will either be clamped or towed away, seems to fall on deaf ears.

On Sunday a minimum of 21 cars were clamped by the Parking Enforcement department of the council in and around the national stadium.

A spokesman for the council said the final figures of clamped cars from Sunday's football All-Ireland are not yet available.

He said that if they are available before Saturday's replay between Tipperary and Kilkenny DCC will post the figures on their Twitter account.

"Dublin City Council has taken a proactive role with Croke Park, GAA, and Garda to discourage illegal parking around Croke Park," said the spokesman.

"Dublin City Council and its partner organisations initiated this campaign at the time of the club finals in March and has continued it throughout the GAA season and for other events, such as the One Direction concerts in May," he added.

And in a measure to combat vehicles parking illegally DCC has arranged "parking special" in eight city centre locations from €4 for the whole day.