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FX Buckley's targeted in botched city robbery


FX Buckley robbery

FX Buckley robbery

FX Buckley robbery

Iconic butchers FX Buckley was the target of a burglary overnight when the Talbot Street shop was broken into.

The thieves reportedly managed to smash a small safe off the wall of the premises but it is thought they fled empty-handed after possibly being disturbed.

The burglars appear to have broken in through a side door and then moved upstairs to the first floor before breaking into the ground floor shop through the ceiling.

A large mess was created by the burglars as they searched for cash and rifled the premises under cover of darkness.

Parts of the ceiling could be seen down on the floor of the butchers where the burglars had kicked it through from upstairs.

When the owners arrived for work this morning the burglary was discovered.

Gardai from Store Street Garda Station are investigating the break-in.

A number of detectives could be seen at the shop after it opened this morning, surveying the damage and assessing the crime scene.

The shop opened for business a short time later and customers were not inconvenienced.

A spokesperson said the damage caused was minimal and there were no ideas as to who the burglars might have been or why the shop was targeted.