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FURY: Locals vent anger over antics of Bantry's most notorious 'visitor'

NEIGHBOURS of disgraced Senator Ivor Callely at his Cork bolthole have criticised the politician for the attention he has brought on their community.

The people of Bantry revealed they are very disillusioned with the whole affair and are particularly annoyed that they have been dragged into the media spotlight over the antics of their "visitor".

Mr Callely was regularly seen around the town on the weekends but was not seen that much during the week. Many believe that Kilcrohane is not where he spends most of his time, claiming he only visited on the weekends. "We haven't seen him around recently," said one local.

Others vented their anger at the senator.

"He should be sacked. These people think they're above the law. If the real truth was known, what they're all up to, the country would be shocked. They all think they're too good. But at the end of the day he will have to answer to someone. He should at least be made to give some of the money back," said John McCarthy from Bantry.

Other locals are very angry with the new revelations. Gerald Hussey from Bantry said: "The man is totally out of order. It's not just about the travel expenses. [Paul] Gogarty was correct in going to the guards. Somebody had to do something. He is getting away with everything with a slap on the wrist.

"His performance in front of the Seanad was shambolic and it was a complete insult to the electorate. I'd really prefer not to hear his name again.

"This is not the first time he has been involved in controversy. There have been plenty of other issues with that man, such as having his house painted for free," said Mr Hussey.

Signs have been erected around Callely's stunning picturesque house in Kilcrohane. These warn the public to stay out and that anyone who enters will have no duty of care owed to them.

Neighbours said there had been too much disruption with all the media attention.

"We let them know very clearly they're not wanted around here," one said.

However, the vast majority of locals have focused their anger on the senator himself.

Pauline McNally from Bantry said to the Herald, "There are people struggling to live on a few bob and he's spending that kind of money on transport.

"There is something very wrong with that. Why should they get away with it? If we said we didn't have records we would be in serious trouble."

Butcher Paddy O'Donohue said: "It looks bad for the party more than anything. Maybe he was just unlucky and they're using him as a scapegoat."