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Fury at 'rollercoaster' potholes on O2 street

Angry residents in Dublin's inner city say 'deep trenches' on a cobbled street near the O2 make driving conditions like riding on a rollercoaster -- and it needs to be fixed urgently.

Castleforbes Road is a busy street near the concert venue. Residents have been urging Dublin City Council to fill in the 'trenches' on the street with new cobbles, to make the street safer.

Mark Bowe, from the Castleforbes Square residents' association told the Herald: "It's in a terrible state. The whole thing has been ripped up by the council doing water works on it.

"It's a poorly cobbled street, now with tar trenches, and there are an awful lot of people using the road."

The inner city road runs perpendicular to Upper Sheriff Street and North Wall Quay.

It is currently in a sorry state, say residents, after being frequented by heavy trucks and cars during the construction of major developments in Dublin's Docklands.

Cllr Christy Burke, a local representative said: "It's a major route, and it's a rollercoaster that you'd see in a circus. It's a danger to cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists."

He added: "With the amount of development that's gone on, surely somewhere along the line, we should have seen money being set aside for all the roads around by the developers, after all the trucks going by."

Cllr Burke warned that the council urgently needs to fix the road.


"It's only a matter of time before there is a serious accident. There are very serious trenches, and very dangerous road conditions. If the council doesn't repair them, it'll cost it more in liability."

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council told the Herald that there is a waiting list of roads with potholes waiting to be fixed in the city, especially since the recent cold weather damaged some roads.

"When we receive information about potholes, an inspector is sent out to assess the situation and a priority is assigned to the situation and its then put on a register."

He added: "A crew will then go out and fix the potholes. And you will understand that, due to the current situation, we have a very large number of situations to fix."

However, Cllr Christy Burke has insisted that this road should be a priority.

"People deserve adequate and proper roads. They're fuming. They've had all the politicians down there over three months looking at it," he said.