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Fury at no post for 4 years

Residents in a north Dublin area have been without a postal service for four years, following vicious attacks on An Post staff.

The furious residents of Belcamp Lane, Northern Close, and Tara Lawns in Darndale, Dublin 17 have been forced to trek to their local sorting office everyday for the last four years.

An Post says it has tried to find a solution, but its postmen refuse to deliver to the houses, because of past attacks and threats.

"Deliveries to the areas were halted as a result of a series of incidents involving attacks on postmen, intimidation of postal staff and attacks by dogs," a spokesperson told the Herald.

"An Post has made a number of attempts to restore services to the area but staff are unwilling to resume deliveries given the history of incidents against them," he stressed.

The Darndale locals have been collecting their post, some of which includes social welfare cheques, at the nearest sorting office in Willsborough Industrial Estate, Clonsaugh.

But Cllr Larry O'Toole says this system is "ridiculous" and a proper resolution needs to be found. "I don't think anyone should be left without post. It's a ridiculous situation to go on for four years.

"If it's one or two culprits, that doesn't mean that they have to close down the whole service to a community."

Cllr O'Toole is demanding that An Post once again sit down with local residents to find a solution.