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Fury at delay in solving lethal road junction

PLANS to improve a notorious junction in north Dublin need to be speeded up before any more lives are lost, according to a group of local councillors.

More than 40 people have been killed within a two-mile radius of the notorious Ward Cross on the old N2 between Finglas and Ashbourne in the past three decades.

Residents have been promised a roundabout will be built at the junction -- but nearly a year on the project is still at the design stage.

The Socialist Party's Matthew Waine said the delay was "disappointing to say the least".

"Last October, we were told the money was available and the traffic-calming measures at Ward Cross were an absolute priority," he said.

"It is disappointing to hear the council now hopes to put the plan out to public tender by October."

His party colleague, Clare Daly, said she was "genuinely horrified" at the delay, saying it was unacceptable the proposed prison at Thornton Hall had been dragged into the planned scheme.

Fingal's traffic chief Michael Lorigan said there has been no delay on the part of the council, and the Thornton Hall site was only one of the factors to be included in the scheme.

Mr Lorigan also said the council must abide by stringent conditions in the tendering process, and this can take time.

Fianna Fail's Darragh Butler said he would like the process "speeded up", while Labour's Tom Kelleher said he could understand Cllr Waine's frustration, but the roundabout was a "major piece of infrastructure" which won't happen overnight.

He also said short-term improvements to the Ward Cross junction had been very successful.

The council said it is targeting October to go to public tender.