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Funeral of slain Dean Fitzpatrick called off


Dave Mahon. Mark Condren

Dave Mahon. Mark Condren

Dave Mahon. Mark Condren

THE funeral of murder victim Dean Fitzpatrick has been called off at the last minute.

Fitzpatrick (23) was stabbed to death at the weekend and his funeral had been due to take place tomorrow in Coolock.

However, a row which broke out over the funeral arrangements has led to the burial being cancelled this morning.

Christopher Fitzpatrick – Dean's father – has taken legal advice after his ex-wife Audrey organised their son's funeral without him.

Neither Christopher Fitzpatrick nor Dean's partner, Sarah O'Rourke, have been mentioned in the death notice of the slain young man.

While Christopher Fitzpatrick would not comment on the matter, sources close to his family have said he is taking legal advice after Dean's funeral was arranged by the young man's mother Audrey.

It is understood that the father wants to be included in his son's funeral arrangements and burial.

As a result tomorrow's funeral, which had been due to take place at St Brendan's Church in Coolock, has been called off.

No further arrangements have yet been made.

Audrey's partner Dave Mahon, who has admitted he was invovled in the stabbing, had said he would not be attending the funeral of his stepson, but had planned to pay his respects at the funeral home in private today. That will not happen now.

Mahon claimed the stabbing incident was an accident. He was the only person arrested and questioned by gardai in connection with the murder.



" This was an accident. It will all come out in the wash. But I have to take this on the chin. I have no choice."

"The hardest thing for me to be in a prison cell is to live with this in my mind.

"It will be hard enough to live with this in my mind walking down the street and getting on with your life as best one can – but to be in a cell is a different matter," he said.