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'Funding cuts hurt vulnerable'

Drastic funding cuts to human rights groups will have a long-term effect on equality for Ireland's most vulnerable people, it was claimed today.

The Irish Human Rights Commission (IHRC) demanded that the Government should take immediate action to tackle serious gaps in human rights protection for groups such as Travellers, migrants, asylum seekers, people with disabilities, and people in poverty and in prison.

Parents pass on driving habits

Parents are passing on road-rage habits to their learner-driver children, according to an AA poll.

Some mothers and fathers also set offspring a bad example by drinking, using phones and even falling asleep when supervising learners, the survey showed.

The most common of the bad habits passed on is not using mirrors properly, followed by speeding, not checking for blind spots and poor hands-on-the-wheel technique when turning.

LSD producer Stanley dies

Owsley 'Bear' Stanley, a 1960s counterculture figure who worked with The Grateful Dead and was a prolific LSD producer, died in a car crash in Australia, his family said today. He was 76.

Lyrics by The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix reference Stanley's name and brushes with the law, underlining his influence. Stanley produced an estimated pound of pure LSD after enrolling in 1963 at the University of California at Berkeley and becoming involved in the drug scene, according to the BookRags.com website.

Prayer spurs air security alert

Pilots on an Alaska Airlines flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles locked down the cockpit and alerted authorities when a crew grew alarmed at the behaviour of three men who turned out to be conducting an orthodox Jewish prayer ritual, officials said.

The men, all Mexican nationals, began the ritual that involves tying leather straps and wooden boxes to the body, and the crew of Flight 241 alerted the cockpit, airline spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said.