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Fun on the run of a lifetime...

LEPRECHAUNS, teenage mutant ninja turtles and even Batman were among 14,350 runners who pounded their way around a chilly Dublin marathon course.

While some opted for fancy dress, most kept to conventional running kit for the arduous 26-mile trek, propelled on by community, family, friendship, and the memory of lost loved ones.


Little Dylan Crossan, at just 17-months-old, was certainly the youngest competitor to complete yesterday's marathon.

Dylan did it in the comfort of his buggy, pushed the whole way by his dad, four-time Irish marathon champion Gary Crossan.

"It was a tough marathon, but he enjoyed it," said Gary who admitted he felt like he was running twice the distance as he pushed his son up the long hill at Foster's Avenue at the end of the race.

"We went the whole way round together. He wanted out after 10 miles but then he fell asleep afterwards," he added.

Dylan might have been napping his way around the course, but his mum certainly wasn't. Maria McCambridge was the fastest Irish woman to finish, making it a real family affair for the Crossan-McCambridge clan.

It wasn't quite so easy for the rest of the runners, with the agony and the ecstacy of the race written large on many faces.

Others casually strolled over the finishing line as it was nothing more arduous than a jog around the park. For many, the feat of endurance took its toll, with aching limbs, blistered feet, legs turning to jelly and eyes glazed over with that 26-mile daze, they collapsed in a heap on the green carpet, too fatigued to take another step.