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Fugitive gangster was caught out by Ronald McDonald

ON-THE-RUN criminal Vincent Collopy was living the high life abroad - until he posed for this photo with Ronald McDonald.

Collopy uploaded pictures of family members visiting him in Bulgaria - including his mother, who also posed in the photo.

His garda chasers back in Limerick were delighted however - the picture helped identify exactly where he was hiding .

The convicted drug dealer was on the run for almost two years.

He evaded deportation several time in the UK and the Czech Republic but regularly updated his Facebook site.

The criminal (33) is the son of Jack and Bernie Collopy and posted photos of himself and his mother at a McDonald's restaurant on his Facebook site when she travelled abroad to visit him.

Also arrested with Vincent this week at their Black Sea holiday hideout was younger brother, Jonathan Collopy (25).

Police recovered a quantity of drugs, ammunition and a magazine for an AK-47 when they arrested the brothers.

Vincent Collopy will remain in custody in Bulgaria for at least another week.

Bulgarian authorities may yet attempt to prosecute the pair for the seizure made at the Sunny Beach resort.

In Ireland, Vincent is likely to face threats to kill and intimidation charges following a garda investigation in Limerick.


He went on the run after three of his brothers were arrested for threatening to kill former associate Willie Moran.

On 9 June, 2010, Vincent Collopy was driving a van with his brother Brian as passenger when they came across Moran driving on Oliver Plunkett Street, St Mary's Park, Limerick.

They both made the shape of guns with their hands and pointed them at Moran. Brian was arrested shortly afterwards while Vincent fled the country.

Initially, he is believed to have fled to Spain.

He travelled across the continent and has since enjoyed visits from several family members in Europe after fleeing Limerick.