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VINEGAR is not something you simply shake on your chips, it's a wonder liquid for everything from window cleaning to weight loss.

In the garden, the liquid that takes its name from the French for sour wine can be used as a weedkiller, sprinkled to discourage ants and cats, kill slugs or clean the bird table.

Inside the house it can be used to clean windows, microwaves or fridges, get rid of limescale in the kettle, clean grout, mildew or even clean the toilet bowl.

Pour some in the washing machine to stop lint from clinging to clothes or improve the colours of fabrics and use it to take away stains from clothes or the carpet.


Versatile vinegar also has cosmetic qualities as a facial skin toner or to be dabbed on to lighten body freckles. It can make nail polish last longer and is also useful to curb appetite and prevent weight gain as part of a diet.

Vinegar can be kept in the medicine cabinet for insect bites and stings, or to soothe sunburn. It is a wart remover and heals toe fungal infections and relieves dry and itchy skin

It has its uses for pets too, making their coats shinier when a few drops are added to their drinking water, as a flea killer or to counteract the smell of cat litter.

Smear it on the car windscreen in winter to stop overnight frosting. Use it on upholstery to get rid of stains or add it to the final rinse of your car wash to make the car extra shiny.

Finally vinegar has more traditional uses in cooking for everything from a salad dressing to making pasta less sticky during cooking.

Use it if you've already added too much salt to something or to stop eggs cracking during boiling.