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From Wall Street to downtown Dublin...

Protesters who want greater debate about the bailout and its repercussions on Irish society are camping outside Dublin's Central Bank.

Around 20 tents remain erected outside the building for the 'Occupy Dame Street' demonstration, which began on Saturday, despite numerous protesters having to get back to work.

Dublin mum Michelle Lawlor (35) explained that one of her main reasons for supporting the protesters was her three-month-old baby son Tom.

"I have to think about the kind of life my son will have and how the actions we are taking now will affect his opportunities and his quality of life in the future," the nurse said.


"Occupy Wall Street started as a huge movement in America and it's spread thanks to Twitter, so my husband [former engineer and IT student] Daragh (38) and I have been keeping abreast of the events online and decided to come down to the one in Dublin.

"We drop things down to help the protesters so they can carry on, I come down with Tom every day to show support for their cause.

"I'm a nurse, I work for the HSE and we would have been affected by the moratorium -- there's an awful lot of pressure on young graduates who are qualified but cannot find work here and on us, because we have less people on the ground.

"It's hard to keep up the level of service that we had, and it should be a cause for concern -- where is all that money we are paying going to?"

The main aim of the demonstration is to criticise the "public bailout of private banks which are going to go bust anyway" according to protesters, but placards and posters scattered on Dame Street also slate corruption within the Government and ask for the nationalisation of big industries.

"It's a very individual protest in the sense that everyone has their own requests but we all agree on the basics," civil servant Terry Murphy (24) from Clondalkin, told the Herald.

The Herald asked Central Bank staff members who were leaving the office for a comment on the protest but all refused.

The demonstration is expected to continue for the rest of the week, with further protests organised in Cork and across the country next weekend.