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From the catwalk to a construction site for model Teo


Teo Sutra

Teo Sutra

Teo Sutra

Teo Sutra

Madeline Mulqueen

Madeline Mulqueen

Model Irma Mali

Model Irma Mali


Teo Sutra

Model Teodora Sutra has said she's not nervous about working on a construction site during an charity trip to Africa.

The blonde beauty and her model pals, Madeline Mulqueen and Irma Mali, will jet to Zambia next month to build a shelter for vulnerable young girls.

"I'm so excited for the trip, we're going to build a shelter in a small village called Kabwe," she told the Herald.

There will be 10 days of hard graft involved, but Teo said she's not nervous about picking up a shovel.

"I used to help my step-dad on the building site when I was like 12 and I'm quite strong, so I'm actually really looking forward to the building part of the trip.

"They've built one shelter over there for boys and now they want to build one for young girls as well.

"I was shocked at their age, as the shelter will be for six to 12-year-old girls - they're so young to be living on the streets.

"I give money to charity, but it's different to going over and building something yourself that you know will make a real difference," she added.

Their trip will also be the subject of a TV show made by Fade Street creator John Norton, but Teo said it won't be a reality show about models going on a charity junket.

"They want to make a documentary about the trip to raise awareness about the work they do over there," she said.

"It's going to be a fly-on-the-wall type documentary - it's not a show and I wouldn't like it to be about us because it's about the charity work."


The 25-year-old is also looking forward to visiting the local churches.

"They're all Christians, but their Masses are totally different, so I'm definitely going to try and go to church," she said.

"Mass can go on for like five hours with singing and dancing - it's like an event."

The models will be holding a fundraising night at 37 Dawson Street on October 8.