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From royalty to refugees - now Jolie meets Pope

Angelina Jolie has met with world leaders, refugees and royalty.

Now the actress, director and UN special envoy has added Pope Francis to the list, after they met briefly yesterday after screening her film Unbroken to some Vatican officials and ambassadors.

The Vatican said Jolie and two children were at the Pontifical Academy for Sciences to screen the film, which tells the story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic track star whose B-24 bomber crashed in the Pacific during World War II.


He and two crewmates survived on a raft for 47 days, only to be captured by the Japanese.

Vatican spokesman the Reverend Federicoo Lombardi said the film shows "positive human and spiritual values, in particular forgiveness".

Francis didn't watch the film but exchanged a few words with Jolie afterward.