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From luxury living to a 'death trap' as apartment complex lights cut

THE once exclusive Belmayne has had the power cut in its common areas.

Residents are furious after the lights were turned off because of a row over unpaid management fees.

The ESB cut its supply to part of the Balgriffin complex - which was launched in a huge fanfare by Jamie and Redknapp - in a dispute over a bill for around €2,000.

Common areas in one block were plunged into darkness last week in the development, and one resident today branded the move a "safety risk".

But the management company said that unless people pay their maintenance fees it can't pay the bills.

Belmayne now lies half empty in the wake of the property crash and economic collapse, with residents struggling to pay their maintenance fees.


Keenan Property Management, which oversees the maintenance of Belmayne, now says it has "turned into a debt collector" - chasing the €1,700 annual maintenance charge.

When it was launched in 2007, the Belmayne estate was promoted as the best in Celtic Tiger living and was heavily promoted by a series of glamorous billboards featuring scantily-clad models.

But last week one apartment block at Churchill Rise had the power disconnected in common areas over an unpaid ESB bill understood to be in the region of €2,000.

The lack of power also resulted in an emergency vent opening up in the roof which saw heavy rains pouring down the stairwell making them slippery and dangerous.

"I just can't understand why it was us that was targeted," said Karen Healy.

"Why is it the block that I'm in?" asked Karen, who said she pays some, but not all, of her management fees every month."

She added: "It's a safety risk from a fire perspective because if we had to get out how would we find our way? I don't want to give Belmayne a bad name because it is a great place to live, but I just can't understand why a few people are being singled out."

Karen said a section of corridor from the basement car park to the lift was now in total darkness, and at night she and the other residents in the block were relying on the street lights shining in the windows to help them navigate the common areas.

The ESB confirmed it disconnected the supply over an unpaid bill, adding that it had entered into lengthy negotiations with the management company in a bid to avoid the disconnection.

The residents are blaming the management company, Keenan Property Management, for not acting on time.