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From Kodak moments to Oscar selfies - technology is changing marketing game

is your business you ready for disruption? That's the question Carat's CEO Ciaran Cunningham asks advertisers, media owners and agencies looking for new ways of connecting consumers and brands.

Cunningham says whether we like it or not, technology is disrupting all businesses. Marketers who don't see or plan for it could well suffer their own 'Kodak moment'.

Opening a planning seminar in the Marker Hotel, Cunningham (left) said technology allows consumers to scale content.

The days when a creative advertising agency made one piece of content which a media agency served to mass audiences are history. We now live in a world of multiple content, which is consumed fewer times but is aimed at more people.

Is content disrupting ads? Are consumers and social media disrupting the media buying agency? Not quite yet, Cunningham insists, but it's worth thinking about it now rather than later.


If Kodak had thought these things through, maybe Instagram wouldn't have disrupted their world. To hit home the point, how much was the Oscar selfie worth to Samsung?

Seeing A-list Hollywood celebs use your brand is worth about €800m, particularly with the "brought to you by Samsung" message on every share.

Oscar night proved to be a defining moment in communications and brand content.