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From jail cell to pets corner for notorious mobster 'Fatpuss'


Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley

Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley

Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley

Convicted criminal Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley has settled into a quiet life since his release from jail this week.

The Finglas man (42) declined to talk about his four years behind bars, but one of the first tasks he undertook on his release was to check on a community pets corner he helped establish for local children in the Co Meath estate where he lives.

In 2011 Bradley made the headlines for altogether different reasons than his involvement in criminal circles.

He was seen remonstrating with gardai and council officials when they rolled into the Churchfields estate in Kentstown on July 12 to dismantle the community area and pets corner that he had helped construct with neighbours in order to keep their children safe.

The council argued that the community amenity had no planning permission and said there were question marks over its ownership.

An emotional Bradley was unable to stop them dismantling it at the time.

However, days later Meath Co Council reinstated a section of fencing after Bradley and others argued that its absence put the safety of kids at risk from injury from half-buried building materials that had been dumped down a hillside and never removed.

"It's a disgrace what they are doing here. We were ringing the council about cleaning the site up - the council wouldn't clean it up and they had no interest in it," he said at the time.

"All we care about is the safety of the children. They [the council] don't seem to give a s**te about the safety of anybody, they just want to enforce their planning laws," he added.

Now, more than five years later, the small outhouses and sheds that form the community facility are still there, and one of the first things Bradley did on his arrival home was to visit the area.

Meath Co Council was unable to clarify if the planning and ownership matters of the amenity had been cleared up when contacted yesterday.

Bradley is now settling down to a quiet life after winning his High Court battle to be freed on bail while a legal argument about whether he should receive enhanced remission is decided upon.


Bradley, along with his brother Wayne, pleaded guilty in the Circuit Criminal Court to conspiring to steal from a cash-in-transit van in November 2007 at Tesco, Celbridge, Co Kildare.

He had been sentenced in April 2012 to nine years, dating from February 14, 2012, with the final two years suspended. This sentence was reduced on appeal to eight years with 18 months suspended.

Younger brother Wayne (37) was released from prison last December.

Alan Bradley's legal team said he is entitled to enhanced remission on various grounds, including that he has engaged in crime awareness, anger management and peace education programmes.