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From Eurovision despair to Euromillions


Ryan Dolan with his backing singers. Photo: Kyran O'Brien

Ryan Dolan with his backing singers. Photo: Kyran O'Brien

Ryan Dolan with his backing singers. Photo: Kyran O'Brien

CASH: Ryan's joy after big song contest letdown

While Ryan Dolan was cursing his last-place finish in the song contest, his brother was celebrating a big lottery win, the Herald can reveal.

Although Strabane man Ryan got just five points in the contest, his brother Sasha, who accompanied him to Sweden, turned out to be a winner in Europe, learning he had scooped €87,000 in the Euromillions lottery while he was out in Malmo.

"It's definitely was a consolation prize. Sasha's wife back in Strabane had the ticket, and she rang him in Malmo to check the numbers, she couldn't believe it," Ryan Dolan told the Herald.



The 40-year-old bought the lottery ticket at a garage he runs in Strabane, Co Tyrone, where Ryan grew up.

However, not even €87,000 from the Euromillions could console loyal Sasha, who was left seething at the lack of votes from Europe from his talented brother.

"Once Sasha saw the results from Eurovision, he didn't care about his win.

"He was that annoyed with the voting," added Ryan.

However their parents and extended family and friends out in Malmo looked on it as a silver lining and used it as an excuse to celebrate late into the night following the contest.

Now all back in Tyrone, Sasha and family are planning one more big celebration.

"I'm sure we''ll get something organised when he gets his cheque through, and then we will all go out and celebrate," he said.

Despite his disappointing result at Eurovision, Ryan said he still remains "on a high" after the contest, with his track charting all over Europe.

"Things have turned out so well, there's no reason to get down. Performing in Eurovision was all about getting my name out there and it's done the trick," he said.

Along with 20,000 followers on Twitter, next week he travels to Berlin to meet Universal Germany. Download sales of his debut album @frequency are selling well on iTunes.


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