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Friend of 'Fat' Andy stabbed and beaten following burglary

A close associate of murdered burglary gang boss 'Fat' Andy Connors has been attacked and savagely beaten by a two-man gang following a botched burglary.

The criminal was stabbed, brutally assaulted, had his leg broken and his teeth knocked out after a high-speed chase following the burglary on an innocent woman's house in north Dublin.

Reports say the criminal, who is well known to gardai, was with three associates from Tallaght at the time he was set upon in Rathbourne in Dublin 15.

They were chased by two vehicles. The grey Mazda 6 in which the burglary gang travelled crashed at Royal Canal Avenue at 9pm on Monday.

While the victim's associates managed to flee the scene on foot, the pal of Andy Connors was cornered and beaten up on the bonnet of a car before being thrown into a 4X4 vehicle and driven away.

Gardai became aware of the situation and a major investigation into an abduction began, with officers checking hospitals and other locations.

He presented himself to Tallaght Hospital at 1am yesterday claiming he was the victim of a hit and run.


The man was accompanied by a close relation, and because of the injuries he received, the hospital notified gardai.

He has knife wounds to his legs, a broken leg and he is missing teeth after the attack.

But despite his injuries, the man has declined to make any comment or complaint to gardai and even used a false name.

The injured man has an address at a halting site in Daletree in south Dublin.

'Fat' Andy Connors (45) was shot dead in front of his family in his home in Saggart last August.

He was the leader of a gang responsible for dozens of burglaries across the country and a key target for Operation Fiacla, the nationwide garda crackdown on burglars.

His gang was blamed for a spate of burglaries in several counties over the past few years.

In many cases they singled out elderly victims, who lived in isolated areas. His gang are still believed to be involved in crime.

Connors had 26 criminal convictions for a range of crimes, including theft and burglary.