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Friday to beat Blue Monday

Online public relations company Mediaexpress.ie has unveiled a free service for issuing positive press releases called Good News Friday.

This Friday the organisation will distribute news releases for free from Irish charities and businesses, with just one catch -- all the releases must be about something positive.

Anyone who wishes to participate with the initiative on January 22 can log on to www.mediaexpress.ie and follow the instructions.

"The sole purpose is to harness the power of positive thinking to counteract the current gloom," the group said.

RTE Player going global

TV catch-up service, the RTE Player, will be opened up to an international audience.

Subject to rights clearance, the channel will make sports content available for catch-up. This will include League of Ireland soccer matches.

Rugby Extra, which provides post-match analysis of Ireland's Six Nations matches, will be available in February.

And when the GAA championship returns in May, The Sunday Game will be available. There will also be basketball, boxing, greyhound racing, the RDS Dublin Horse Show and other special events.

Agencies win Tall Ships deal

Dublin PR agency Grayling, and Waterford agency Bance Nolan, have won a competitive tendering process to manage the communications and PR campaign for the Tall Ships Races 2011.

The Tall Ships will return to Waterford next year, with the official host port festival programme taking place from June 30 to July 3.

Your chance to perform online

A new online space for aspiring actors, comedians or television presenters to catch the attention of those in the industry has been created by showreel.ie.

Video content producer Richard Doyle has launched the new YouTube-style website to showcase the talents of potential new stars.

It is also designed to act as a social networking hub for people who want to learn more about the media business.