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Friday is the most perilous on roads

FRIDAY is officially the most dangerous day of the week on Irish roads, new statistics have revealed.

The Injuries Board ann-ounced that there was €157m of motor liability awards for accidents in 2012.

Friday was the most dangerous day in terms of award volumes while Sunday was the least dangerous.


With 7,622 individual awards made, the figure is €3.5m more than was awarded the previous year, with November accounting for most payouts.

According to the agency, motor liability awards account for three in four of all personal injury awards processed by the Injuries Board and it received 104 claims for fatal road accidents in respect of road users including motorists, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Most injuries involved soft tissue injuries of the neck and back as well as fractures.

Chief executive Patricia Byron said: "Last year saw a 10pc reduction in the number of claims we received for fatal road accidents but the 104 fatal claims we did receive is 104 too many.

"Our award trends indicate that the winter months are the most dangerous on our roads and we are urging all road users to be extra vigilant at this time.

"We awarded over €157m in compensation for injuries sustained in road traffic accidents last year which reflects the significant human cost of these accidents not to mention the societal impact."

The average sum paid out in awards came to €20,631 and just over half of awards (51pc) were for accidents involving females. The counties recording the highest number of fatalities were Donegal (11), Cork (10), Dublin (8), Kildare (8) and Limerick (6).