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Fresh attacks on FG website

FINE Gael's website is back up after being hacked earlier this week -- with fresh attacks launched within an hour of its reappearance.

However, the website stayed up despite the attempts by hackers from France and China.

Earlier this week, the Herald broke the story of how the group of hackers called Anonymous stole the details of thousands of voters from the site and sent the database to us.

The Data Protection Commissioner and the FBI were called in after the hackers accessed details of almost 2,000 subscribers.

In a message on the website, Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny said after the January 9 attack: "We very much regret that contact data that the public supplied as part of an open and genuine conversation about the future of our country was accessed in the course of this hacking incident.

"For now we have removed the email and mobile phone sections of the comment forms but we still want to hear your views, opinions and concerns."