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'French population captivated by Irish supporters'


Irish fans in Lille

Irish fans in Lille

Irish fans in Lille

Irish fans have again been praised by the French for their behaviour at Euro 2016.

The French sports daily newspaper L'Équipe ran a spread yesterday highlighting the role that Republic and Northern Ireland fans have played in France.

The story says "for atmosphere, Ireland is unified" under a picture of Northern Ireland fans celebrating their qualification to the last 16 of the competition.

"Supporters of the Republic and Northern Ireland are disputing the title of public affection at Euro 2016 with their good humour," says the paper.

"The entire population of France has been captivated by the humour, partying and trouble free behaviour of both sets of supporters."

Republic of Ireland fans have proved very popular with the French police and security staff at stadiums and fanzones around the country.


They have sung lullabies to babies, repaired a dented roof on a car, changed a puncture for an elderly French couple, cleaned streets and sang, danced and partied their way into the hearts of their hosts.

Local politicians, authorities, celebrities and gardai have publicly praised the fans their behaviour at the tournament.

Their behaviour is a direct contrast to that of some English and Russian supporters who clashed in violent scenes several times over the past 10 days.