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Freed wife killer takes stroll in city sunshine


Wife-killer Anton Mulder walks in Dublin city centre after his recent release from jail.

Wife-killer Anton Mulder walks in Dublin city centre after his recent release from jail.

Wife-killer Anton Mulder walks in Dublin city centre after his recent release from jail.

One of Ireland's most notorious wife-killers has been photographed for the first time since his release from prison.

Our photo shows Anton Mulder (60) coming out of a bargain store on Talbot Street after buying a backpack.

It followed a lengthy stroll through the north inner city which started at the apartment he has been living in for at least a fortnight.

He had spent well over an hour strolling in the sun yesterday before buying the bag.

Sources say Mulder, who strangled wife Colleen Suzanne Mulder at their home in Duns- hauglin, Co Meath, shortly before Christmas 2004, was released from prison on licence over two months ago.

It is understood that he had been serving his time in Shelton Abbey Prison in the months before his release in mid-March. He had been locked up since February 2005.

Mulder has been released on licence because he was given a life sentence, meaning that he can be sent back to jail again if he breaks any laws.


The killer is a former South African traffic cop and his slain wife, a native of Bangor, Co Down, was found dead in an upstairs bedroom of the house they were renting on December 17, 2004.

She was wearing pyjamas and had been strangled.

During his two trials for her murder, the court heard that Mulder had told a colleague it would be easy to kill his wife in Ireland as he would only be sentenced to a few years for manslaughter.

However, he served 15 years and two months for her murder.

He had previously been found guilty of murder after a five-day trial in May 2006 but this verdict was later overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeal, which ordered a retrial.

It gave the reason for the retrial as inappropriate interaction with the jury by Ms Mulder's brother William Pollock, who was banned from attending the next case.

However, after the retrial, a jury convicted him by a majority of 10 to two of the shocking murder, in January 2008.

Mulder had met his wife in South Africa but they came to Ireland with their family for economic reasons and he found work with Kentucky Fried Chicken.


By 2002 he had been promoted to regional manager for Dublin and the family moved to a rented house in Dunshaughlin. By this time, the couple had six children.

Ms Mulder worked part-time for Kentucky Fried Chicken, as did the two eldest children, Clinton and Christopher.

In July 2004, Ms Mulder suffered a miscarriage and the marriage started to deteriorate.

She became depressed and the couple started sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Their eldest son, Clinton, said there were frequent rows, often about the custody of the younger children.

He said he had never seen his father hit his mother but "she was scared of him".

The jury also heard that Mulder had told a South African friend of his, Andries Loubser: "I am going to kill her. In this country it's easy. Five or six years' jail and I'm still young when I'm out then."