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Free wedding...but groom must plan it

COUPLES are being given the chance to win a free wedding worth up to €10,000 -- but only the groom is allowed to arrange it.

Coco Television is developing a new series of Don't Tell The Bride for RTE and is looking for four brave Irish couples to take part.

For the show the groom has to arrange the wedding alone, choose the venue and even the wedding dress.

It is being hailed as the perfect solution to cash-strapped love birds walking down the aisle this year.

The same show proved a massive hit previously when made by BBC 3.

"We just got the go-ahead last Friday and it is such an unusual concept. The groom gets to plan absolutely everything and, as he's given €10,000 to do the whole day, it's perfect for couples who don't have lots of funds for their wedding," explained a spokeswoman for Coco Television.

"The couple is separated for three weeks in the run-up to the wedding and have their phones taken away from them so they can't contact each other. The bride can know absolutely nothing about what's happening.

"The groom then picks the venue, the dinner menu, the flowers and the church.

"The real challenge is probably buying the dress for his bride," she said.

Hitting the small screens later this year, the film will run for a month with four different instalments and people must be available to film for roughly three weeks before the wedding date.