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Freddie's threat to burn mum and son in house

GANGSTER 'FAT' Freddie Thompson threatened to burn down a house with a mother and young boy inside over a drug debt.

The slimmed down gangster made the chilling threat last week against the partner of a dealer who owes him money.

The gang boss is desperate for cash because of extensive drug debts following garda seizures, security sources told the Herald.

He has been travelling to and from Ireland from Birmingham and Amsterdam in recent weeks to scare dealers into giving over their outstanding debt after he was ordered to pay up by a Russian crime gang.

According to sources, a dealer from Crumlin was told by Thompson to pay the €10,000 he owes or his partner and child are dead.

The threat was made days after Thompson -- who is subject to a European Arrest Warrant -- was spotted at large, enjoying a high profile boxing match involving Irish fighter Matthew Macklin on September 18 in Birmingham.

A slimmed-down Freddie, who has lost weight recently, was flanked by pals Liam Brannigan and Dean Howe -- both of whom are related to him -- at the fight.

A source told the Herald: "Thompson is brazenly carrying on with business despite the fact he is subject to a European Arrest Warrant and can be arrested by any European police force on sight. It's a joke."


While the gang boss travels across Europe, armed gardai in Crumlin are keeping a close eye out for any attempt on the life of the dealer's partner and child.

"Thompson warned this guy that he would burn down his partner's house with her and their son in it," a source said.

"Freddie is desperate for cash at the minute and it looks like it will result in more violence."

As Thompson becomes increasingly erratic, sources have also suggested that members of his own gang are willing to turn on him if he becomes too much of a liability.

"There are a number of rumours that a contract out may be out on Thompson's life," the source added.

Freddie Thompson's money woes can be traced to a number of massive garda drug seizures over the summer.

Thompson's outfit has been the subject of Operation Lamp, which has been targeting members of his drug trafficking gang, based in the Crumlin area of Dublin.

Almost €11m worth of cocaine has been seized and a number of cocaine factories and safe houses have been raided.

Earlier this year gardai stopped a multiple murder attempt after they seized two rocket launchers in a co Kildare lock-up.

The Thompson gang had been planning to use the RPGs to annihilate a rival gang in a 'spectacular' in May, it is understood.

The Crumlin-Drimnagh feud has been linked to at least 16 murders but had died down in recent times since the leader of the rival gang in the feud was jailed and many of his gang members killed.

Gardai are now fearful that some of the main players have re-emerged during the summer which has opened old wounds and increased gang tension in south Dublin.

Under the terms of the European Arrest Warrant the gangster can be arrested by gardai on sight and deported back to Spain.

Thompson has returned to Dublin on occasion, for low profile visits, after it emerged he was being linked by a Spanish judge to the murder of popular underworld figure and enforcer Paddy Doyle in February 2008.

Spanish authorities believe that the men's accounts of what happened that day could be the key to discovering Doyle's killer.

That investigation is part of the larger Spanish probe into Christy Kinahan's Costa del Sol-based crime gang, which Thompson was associated with.

Doyle died after bing shot twice in the head.