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Frantic dad tried to revive tot after driveway accident

A frantic father tried desperately to revive his baby daughter after accidentally reversing into her as he moved their car to the back of the family home.

Thirteen-month-old Lisa Gallagher had started to walk just two weeks before the tragedy at Drumardagh, Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

A jury at a coroner's court in Letterkenny yesterday concluded that the toddler had died due to a tragic accident resulting in severe head trauma consistent with injuries resulting from contact with a car.

Adrian Gallagher (35) told how he had played football for a while with his son Conor and his pals after returning from work on July 23, at 5.45pm.


He recalled seeing Lisa eating an ice cream in the kitchen after he joined his wife Carmel and his sister Edel for tea.

The family was also visited that evening by Carmel's parents, who he said, "wouldn't let a day go past" without seeing Lisa.

The toddler was still in the kitchen when he went out to bring the car around to the back of the house. As he reversed around the conservatory he heard his wife shouting, 'Where's Lisa?' and could hear a noise, which he thought was the car coming in contact with the kerb.

He stopped immediately and opened the driver's door. He could see the little girl at the side of the front wheel.

"I tried to give Lisa CPR. I lifted the wheel arch and my sister Edel lifted Lisa out," he said.

Lisa's mother Carmel Gallagher, who was pregnant at the time, recalled that after her husband had gone out to move the car, she saw Lisa walking to the open back door.

"I heard Adrian revving. I ran out and started shouting, 'Where's Lisa?' Adrian had stopped the car. I ran around to the front of the car. I could see Lisa under the driver's door," she said in her statement.

Coroner Sean Canon extended his deepest sympathies to the bereaved parents. "For the parents, the death of their child will at all times be in their memory. I am very sorry this sad event should be visited on you."