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'Frank too scared to be on my TV show'


Christine Lampard Pic:PA

Christine Lampard Pic:PA

Christine Lampard Pic:PA

Presenter Christine Lampard has admitted that her football star husband Frank would be too terrified to appear on her new "haunted hotel" TV show.

Celebrity guests check into Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live, which the presenter fronts with Matt Richardson, later this month.

She said Frank (38), who she wed in December, would not set foot in the hotel.

"Frank believes (in ghosts). He could easily be scared. He wouldn't stay in this hotel, put it that way. He really wouldn't," Lampard, formerly Bleakley, said.

The 37-year-old said she would love to see Simon Cowell (57), take part in the series, after the X Factor judge admitted that he believes in ghosts.

Cowell recently said how he had to avail of the services of an exorcist because of spooky goings-on.

"That would be hilarious (if the X Factor boss was on the show). We could sort that absolutely! We could touch base. He might be grateful," she said.

Celebrity guests will be announced before the series, to be broadcast on UKTV entertainment channel W on October 27.

The show will feature "sleepovers, terrifying tasks, gripping ghost stories and edge-of-seat paranormal investigations", kicks off.

New names check-in each night and viewers will be able to vote for them to take part in "live investigations" and "experiments".

comfort Lampard said of her celebrity wishlist: "I would like to see someone who you'd think wouldn't be scared. Someone out of their comfort zone, like adventurer Bear Grylls, people who are quite ballsy... but then you can genuinely see the fear in their eyes."

The show is Lampard's first big series after a year in which she has been mostly out of the limelight.

Lampard, currently filling in for Holly Willoughby on This Morning, said she had been enjoying married life while off the small screen.