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Frames gig to help fiddler's sick son

IRISH rockers The Frames are to play their first gig in six months to raise funds for the eldest son of musician Colm Mac Con Iomaire.

The band's fiddle player has revealed how his son Darach (8) suffers from the rare genetic disease Fragile X.

The Frames, including Glen Hansard, are set to regroup tonight to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of Heyday singer Mic Christopher -- but the funds will go towards the little known disease.

"The main focus of course is Mic, we'll be playing his songs and the songs he loved. But the night is also to raise awareness and funds for Fragile X Disease," said Colm. "We've been looking for the right time to do a gig to raise funds and we just thought the two work well together."

Colm (40) also confessed that he and wife Sheila Mac Nally (40) struggled to cope with the diagnosis because of lack of knowledge about the disease.


"Our personal journey was difficult and unsupported. We were more or less handed a print out of the diagnosis from the internet and sent on our way. You can't rely on the health service any more.

"We're hoping the funds raised will pay for professionals from an institute in Colorado in the US to come over and help families here dealing with the disease. There are cases of Fragile X diagnosed here every week and people still know nothing about it."

Colm added: "We are coping well with Darach's diagnosis now. It's not the end of the world, it just means our world got more interesting."

He said The Frames felt it was suitable to combine tonight's Vicar Street gig for their pal Mic with the fundraiser because Mic "was always a big supporter of children's charities". "He spent time in Bosnia before he died visiting and helping the war children so we know he'd have wanted to help with this too."