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Fr Ted's undie store to join tourists' trail

His quick-thinking "rescue" of six priests found hanging round Ireland's largest lingerie store earned Father Ted a coveted Golden Cleric award.

And now a local councillor is trying to put the famous lingerie shop from the hit comedy series on the tourist map.

The hilarious scene from the Father Ted Christmas special that was screened on Christmas Eve 1996 is not only a much-loved classic episode for fans of the cult comedy series, it could also be used to lure tourists to Ennis, Co Clare, where the scene was originally shot, according to local councillor Brian Meaney.


The scene in which Fr Ted and Dougal encounter six other priests while lost in the so-called "largest lingerie shop in Ireland" on Christmas Eve was shot in the real lingerie section of the Dunnes store in Ennis.

Although the department has now been transformed into the store's fruit and vegetable section, Mr Meaney thinks the town could capitalise on the popularity of the hit Channel 4 TV sitcom to bring more people to the town.

"We're a rural town in the west of Ireland and this is one of our unique selling points," he told The Herald.

"Maybe we could have a sign or a plaque to say this is where it was filmed.

"It doesn't have to be that serious. I'm not sure if there is a larger lingerie shop anywhere. How would I know anyway?"

But Mr Meaney said it was worth capitalising on the town's claim to Fr Ted fame even though the reaction by Dunnes Stores to the scheme has been lukewarm, he said.

He made the comments after Ennis Town Council passed a proposal seeking to have the spot designated as a Fr Ted tourist landmark.

Other tourist hotspots of Ted Country in Co Clare include the famous parochial house where the series was set and the waterfall that was used as the backdrop for the cheesy My Lovely Horse video used in the Song for Europe episode.

A total of 25 episodes of the popular series were made between 1995 and 1998.