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Four killed in States restaurant shootings

A gunman wielding an AK-47 opened fire on a table of uniformed National Guard members at a Nevada restaurant in an outburst of violence that killed four people.

Eight others were wounded as the shooter unloaded his assault rifle in a bustling US business district.

The shooter's motive was unclear, but family members said he had mental issues.

He had never been in the military and had no known affiliation with anyone inside the restaurant.

Five Nevada National Guard troops sitting together at the back of the restaurant were shot, two of them fatally.

Another woman was also killed, and the gunman, 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion of Carson City, shot himself in the head and died at a hospital.

Witnesses and authorities described a frantic scene, in which the shooter pulled into the large retail complex -- just before shops opened -- in a blue minivan with a yellow Support Our Troops sticker on the back.