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Four journalists slain in Mexico

Four reporters and photographers covering the perilous crime beat have been slain in less than a week in violence-torn Veracruz state, where two Mexican drug cartels are warring over control of smuggling routes and targeting sources of independent information.

The brutal campaign is bleeding the media and threatens to add Veracruz to the growing list of states where fear snuffs out reporting on the drug war.

Shamed Black out of prison

Former media mogul Conrad Black was released from a federal prison in Miami after serving three years for defrauding investors.

Black, whose empire once included the Chicago Sun-Times and The Daily Telegraph, had been sentenced to more than six years in prison after his 2007 conviction in Chicago, but had then been released on bail two years later to pursue an appeal that was partially successful.

Activist Chen strikes US deal

The US and China have forged the outlines of a deal to end a diplomatic standoff over legal activist Chen Guangcheng that would let him travel to the US with his family for a university fellowship.

Chen may apply for travel permits to study abroad. An American university has offered Chen a fellowship.