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Four in every five council tenants are drawing dole

MORE people in Dublin applying for housing grants are in receipt of social welfare than in the rest of the country.

Nearly 90,000 households across the country qualified for housing support and 83pc of the capital's applicants are on social welfare. Nationally 72pc of applicants receive welfare payments.

In Dublin 16,402 households qualified for assistance for housing and a further 4pc of them are working and in receipt of social welfare also.

Independent councillor Nial Ring described the Dublin figure as "disturbing."

Mr Ring cited the fact that capitals always have a higher amount of unemployment to justify why so many people in Dublin qualifying for social housing are in receipt of welfare payments.

The councillor also said that there are a significant number of non-nationals qualifying for housing grants that are on social welfare after they arrived here in the boom.

And he noted that some of the individuals waiting for help with housing have no choice but to go homeless in order to have their application speeded up.


"Some people go homeless as there are less people on the homeless list and they'll become a priority this way," explained the councillor about the Dublin City Council's waiting list for housing.

Of the 16,402 successful applicants 8,674 of them live in private rented accommodation and receive a rent supplement. Mr Ring was most concerned about this set because they are "at the mercy of unscrupulous and slum landlords."

His comments come after inspections by Dublin City Council last year that showed 90pc of the flats they inspected were unfit for habitation.

The 2,223 inspections were carried out on North Circular Road, Cabra Park and Grove Park in Rathmines.

People who apply for housing grants can either be housed by the council, take part in Rental Accommodation scheme, receive housing, remain at home in crowded accommodation or rent privately.

Of those who are housed by the council in the North Inner City 29pc of them are in rent arrears of more than 12 weeks.

The government has announced €100m for a Construction Programme over 2014 and 2015 for local authorities with the highest housing demands to build new houses.

A special meeting of Dublin City Council will take place on January 27 and Mr Ring said "housing is the only item on the agenda."