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Four held as car thief suspect fights for life

A SUSPECTED car thief is fighting for his life after being beaten seconds after he attempted to break into a woman's car.

Aaron Kiely (27) was savagely assaulted and kicked in the head in Dublin's south inner city.

Gardai believe the victim was attacked by two men after he attempted to break into a woman's car at Lamb Alley on Sunday morning.

A total of four people – two men and two women – are being held at garda stations across the city where they are being questioned by detectives – one of them is the female owner of the car.

A source told the Herald: "It seems the victim was kicked a number of times in the head after trying to break into the car."

Mr Kiely who has an address at the South Circular Road, suffered catastrophic head injuries during the attack.

The Herald understands that the two men who are suspected to have assaulted him are known to the female car owner.



A source told The Herald: "It seems that the victim was observed trying to break into the car and at that stage he was disturbed before being followed. He then got an unmerciful beating. He was kicked a number of times in the head."

Gardai managed to get good quality CCTV of the incident and a major investigation began at Kevin Street Garda Station.

Sources said that details of Sunday morning's assault were not publicised before today so that the suspects would not be alerted to the serious condition the victim was left in. The attack happened between 12.30am and 1.30am.

The arrests were made at dawn in Dublin this morning.

A source pointed out: "Mr Kiely remains in a very, very bad way.

"It was thought that he might not make it last night but he is still alive.

"The injuries he suffered seem to be permanent."