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Fota needs help naming giraffes

At 5ft tall these 'babies' stand head and shoulders above many adults.

But the young giraffes are just as dependant as any baby, even though they will eventually grow to as high as 19.5ft.

And now Fota Wildlife Park's two latest leggy arrivals need names.

The pair of giraffes, one male and one female calf were born at the Cork park several weeks ago but have only been revealed to the public now.

The first born was the female calf on to mother Blaithin and father Walder and she was followed by a male calf, born to mother Sapphire and father Tadgh and were introduced to the rest of the herd this week.

To celebrate the new arrivals Fota Wildlife Park has launched a competition inviting the public and schools to come up with an Irish name for the calves.