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Forty patients left on trolleys every day in Beaumont

MORE than 40 people a day are being forced to wait on trolleys at one of the country's main hospitals.

Beaumont Hospital is the latest to be hit by a severe A&E emergency with 45 sick patients left on trolleys on Monday and 42 yesterday.

Even before the traditional winter backlog at emergency departments, patients have been left frustrated by a lack of beds -- with some being left on chairs for over 24 hours in excruciating pain.

And the high number of patients waiting is putting a strain on hospital staff, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) has told the Herald: "The level of overcrowding is constant and very concerning."

One Raheny woman, whose 75-year-old husband was admitted at 7pm on Sunday night with an infection arising from cancer, said there was no hope of him getting a bed within 24 hours.

"He's still sitting in a chair, and there was no chair for me even to sit beside him. How the staff cope in there I don't know," she said on Monday.

"There's over 50 or 60 people in the inner waiting room, and about 20 in the other waiting room outside.

"He wants to come home and go to bed but I said you can't do that because once you go out of the system he'll go to the bottom of it."

A spokesperson for Beaumont hospital said the figure was "unacceptable". He said their records showed that by 2pm yesterday, the trolley queue was at 22.