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Former tomboy Sinead vows not to become a bridezilla at nuptials


Sinead Kennedy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Sinead Kennedy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Sinead Kennedy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

RTE star Sinead Kennedy has spent the summer organising the biggest day of her life - her fast-approaching wedding to long-term partner Naval Service captain Conor Kirwan.

However the Winning Streak presenter said she has the planning all under wraps, and was very "chilled" in her approach to the event which will be held in the stunning Dromquinna Manor in Co Kerry this autumn.

"I want it organised so that two weeks before the wedding I don't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the build up.


"Whatever happens on the day happens; you can only plan a certain amount and be prepared," she added.

As a self confessed tomboy, Sinead said she was surprised by how easy she found it to decide on her all-important dress.

"I picked it out very quickly," she said.

"I went shopping with my mum, sister and another of my bridesmaids and tried on a little bit of everything, but the second dress I tried on was the one."

"I'm comfortable in it and that was really important to me," she added.

Conor and Sinead first met in 2005 when he was a naval officer on the Le Eimear based in Cork and she was on presenting duties doing a live link from the European Capital of Culture.

At the moment the 30-year old splits her time between Dublin and Cork.

"You're commuting and always living out of a suitcase but I won't complain," she said.

"Conor's a Dub who is based in Cork so it's like we've done a complete swap."

Sinead is a traditionalist at heart. "I love the idea of walking up the aisle with my dad and walking out with Conor - there's something lovely about that. That's going to be a really nice moment of the day," she said.

"And my dad is driving me to the church, so it's just the two of us and on the way back it will be just Conor and me in the car and I like that."

And with the presenter's hectic work schedule at Montrose, the couple will have to settle for a mini-moon in the south-west before jetting off for a longer break in the new year.


Last year the presenter who had been best known for her work on young people's shows was announced the new host of Winning Streak, teaming up with RTE stalwart and pal Marty Whelan.

Speaking to the RTE Guide, Sinead said it was a dream come true to move into a flagship show and a huge shift from 10 years at the young people's department.

But she said that the shift to Saturday night was not without its added pressure.

"Winning Streak is such a long-running show that the audience feels almost a sense of ownership towards it," she said.

"So if I'm on the street and I'm not doing a good job people won't be long telling me.

"I've never had as many people pass comment on my work, hair and clothes since I've been on Winning Streak," she added.