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Former Rose of Tralee contestant was her adoring dad's number one supporter and never missed a match

STUNNING 'daddy's girl' Michaela Harte made her debut on the Late Late Show during the Rose of Tralee festival.

The devoted daughter of the Tyrone manager represented Ulster in the Rose of Tralee competition and quickly became an audience favourite.

On The Late Late Show, aged 20, she proudly said that her dad had never missed a Tyrone game in 17 years.

Her proud mother was among the packed audience during the show.

As a young girl she was a well known face on the GAA circuit, accompanying her father to matches and supporting her brothers in the game.

She was a tower of strength for her father throughout his tenure as manager of the team.

The Tyrone football manager refused to do an interview after the game until his daughter was standing at his side.


As a student teacher, who supported the Friends of Africa Association, described herself as a "shopaholic" who loved fashion.

Kilkenny Rose Orla O'Shea, who went on to win the competition, described Michaela as a "true lady" who was "really gentle but great fun".

On The Late Late Show, Michaela spoke about how she was devastated at the loss of close friend Cormac McAnallen.

She described the Tyrone player as "a great person" and spoke of how close she had been to him.

The trainee teacher spoke of the death of Tyrone GAA player Paul McGirr in 1997 before describing her sorrow at Cormac's sudden death.

She described herself as a daddy's girl and told a packed audience she had predicted the Tyrone team's victory in last year's All-Ireland.

Ms Harte also spoke of her strong religious beliefs and about being a pioneer.

"It is a strong tradition in my family to be a pioneer," she said.

"I am glad that I can enjoy myself without alcohol.

"I would consider my faith a big part of my life. I would say God has a big part in our lives."

During her appearance the Rose of Tralee hopeful also read a list of predictions that she had written in a letter to her father when she was 13 years old, including the Tyrone team winning the Sam Maguire Cup.

Ms Harte admitted her love of shopping, adding: "I am bit of a shopaholic."

The beautiful bride also worked as a press officer for GAA club but was a secondary school teacher at St Patrick's Academy, Dungannon.

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