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Former child movie star gets five months for punching boy (13)


Curry, pictured while filming acclaimed movie Kisses in 2007

Curry, pictured while filming acclaimed movie Kisses in 2007

Curry, pictured while filming acclaimed movie Kisses in 2007

A former child film star has received a five-month jail term for punching a 13-year-old and telling the boy's mother that he would burn her house down.

Shane Curry - now 21 - was a star at the age of 13, starring alongside Stephen Rea in the award-winning movie, Kisses, with the Los Angeles Times describing young Curry's performance as "first rate".

He also appeared as a guest on The Late Late Show eight years ago.

The critically-acclaimed 2008 movie won Best New Irish Feature at the Galway Film Fleadh.

The film told the story of two troubled children living in a disadvantaged Dublin estate running away from home to spend a night on the streets.

Curry subsequently starred in Dollhouse (2012) and Hideaways (2011).

However, Curry's time in the acting world has been short-lived and his life has gone off the rails since, clocking up 14 convictions - his first at the age of 15 - including one for assault causing serious harm, three for assault causing harm and three common assaults.

Curry's latest convictions at Ennis District Court concern assault causing harm at Willow Green, John Paul Estate, Kilrush on June 11 to a 13-year-old boy and possession of a knife and making a threat to damage property.

Curry, now of Croi na Mbaile, Kilmhil, also pleaded guilty to a separate assault charge at Kilmihil in April.

Solicitor for Curry, Gearoid Williams said that the defendant lost his grandmother and mother within months of each other in 2006.

Mr Williams said that Curry's aunt took him in and relocated to the west Clare village of Kilmihil a few of years ago in order to protect Curry and his siblings.

However, before the cases at Ennis, Curry had clocked up 11 previous convictions.

Curry fell into trouble within a couple of years of promoting Kisses when he received probation at Smithfield Children's Court in April 2011 for handling stolen property in April 2010.

Curry received a five-year suspended jail term in 2012 for assault causing serious harm on September 12, 2010.


In the case before Ennis District Court, Mr Williams said that Curry was high on drugs on June 11 in Kilrush and has no recollection of what had occurred.

Judge Patrick Durcan said that Curry struck the boy on the face without any provocation.

Judge Durcan said: "He had a knife and called the child a cheeky brat. He then went to the driveway of where the boy's mother lived and called her 'a scumbag and a whore'. He told her that he would burn down a house."

On behalf of his client, Mr Williams said: "For a while Mr Curry was doing okay, he was involved in acting but there was no work in that after a while and he then he got very much involved in the drugs scene."

Mr Williams said that Curry "acknowledges his guilt, apologises to everyone concerned and says that the woman in the case need not be in fear at all".

Judge Durcan said that he would likely impose a four-month jail term for the assault consecutive on the five-month prison term and adjourned that assault case to Kilrush District Court to September.

Curry has been in custody since June 11 and Judge Durcan backdated the five-month prison term to that date.