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'Forgotten' middle-age women in shop ads

Middle-aged models are being used for a Debenhams campaign aimed at the "forgotten" older shopper.

The department store chain believes it is the first retailer to use models in their 40s, 50s and 60s for a campaign like The Style List, which the high street chain says is targeting "forgotten women".

The campaign is being run with fashion commentator Caryn Franklin, herself 51, who said she was keen to work with a retailer which acknowledged the lack of fashion imagery aimed at older women.


She said the campaign was "a business savvy move", adding: "It's been fulfilling to create shots that celebrate the wonder of getting older.

"It's important to challenge what we see in our media with a broader reflection of beauty. Enjoy the magic of these women, their confidence, their attitudes and their allure. These wonderful faces express the joy of getting older -- not something we see enough of."