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Forget the big freeze in fantastic Herald holiday offer

With the mood of gloom and the freezing cold weather, who wouldn't want to get away to a sun-kissed beach?

Now the Costas have come a lot closer with our Fantastic Summer Sun holiday offer.

We want to help lift the spirits and get you to the sun -- and from next week we will be giving you €30 a day off the cost of your Summer Sun holiday.

That's right, €30 a day -- and up to €300 in total.

Every day from next Monday until Friday, January 22, we'll print a unique token on Page 2 of the Evening Herald. Each token is worth €30, and you must collect at least four to take advantage the offer.

So if you collect five tokens, you will get €150 off your Summer Sun Holiday but why stop there? Collect all 10 and we will give you €300 off your holiday.

Just send us your tokens and we will send you a voucher to the value of the tokens you collect. You pick your holiday from selected brochures and then book. Simple!

You choose when and where to spend your well-deserved break. Destinations include sun-kissed Tenerife, the beautiful Costa Del Sol and family favourites of Lanzarote and Algarve.

Or why not try Ibiza, Turkey, Crete, Italy or Corfu, or the popular playgrounds of Costa Dorada, Costa Brava, Fuerteventura and many more.

"This is one of our biggest promotions ever. Everyone is a winner," said Herald marketing manager Grainne O'Shea.

"During this coldest winter in a very long time, we're all dreaming of faraway shores and sunny climates.

"Put those dreams into action with this fantastic offer, and allow us to put a little bit of warmth into your January."

For full details, see the Evening Herald every day from Mon 11th to Fri 22nd for your tokens and details on where to send tokens and how to book your holiday.

Remember, each token is worth €30. As long as you collect more than four tokens you will receive money off your holiday. It's never too late to join in!