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Forget summer, the rain is here to stay...

THE summer is over before it has even started, weather forecasters say.

While southern Europe is basking in a heatwave, we are set for more showers and heavy rain.

According to Met Eireann the wet weather is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The only good news is that we won't be getting quite as much rainfall as in recent days.

The unsettled weather interrupted by a few spells of elusive sunshine are on the way over the next few days, Met Eireann told the Herald.

At times, temperatures will get up to 20C, but there is no sign that we will soon be basking in a heatwave.

Heavy rain pelted much of the country yesterday, particularly in the north, and although today started bright, it quickly reverted to the familiar pattern of clouds and rain turning heavy and persistent in places.

Tomorrow will be a bright fresh day but with some heavy showers, mostly in the northern half of the country, a Met Eireann forecaster said.

For a change, Monday will be "totally dry" -- and so will the first half of Tuesday.

But more heavy showery rain is due on Tuesday night, but it will clear and Wednesday will be mainly dry.

However, the weather will break down again on Thursday with more heavy rain -- and a repeat on Friday.

Temperatures though will be around the average with some places seeing 20-21C on Tuesday.

"Monday looks like being the best day of the week," the forecaster added.

An "Azores high" pressure area is bringing sunshine to southern Europe, but it is pushing rain clouds towards northern Europe -- and Ireland.