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Forget spring... frost and cold blasts on way

Severe frosts and wintry showers are back and Met Eireann is warning that there is no sign of spring.

Temperatures are set to drop dramatically, reaching just 3C during daytime hours and sub zero nationwide at night, reaching as low as -5C in places.

The Iceland-style weather is due to last right through into next week as northerly air sweeps across the country.

Evelyn Cusack, from Met Eireann has warned people to "wrap up nice and warm" over the coming week.

"It's going to be a very cold week over Ireland, with high pressure building down from Iceland bringing temperatures down well below average".

"Daytime temperatures will range from 3C to 7C but we can expect widespread severe frosts at night with the possibility of wintry flurries as temperatures drop sharply to -5C," she said.

"There really is no sign of spring I'm afraid".

The met office, which can make medium-term forecasts of 10 days into the future does not predict an upsurge in our weather until the middle of next week.

"It's going to be cold everywhere, nowhere is going to escape the bad weather," Ms. Cusack added.

"It will be mainly dry however with a small chance of wintry showers but they will be the exception rather than the rule.

"We are going to have to wait for spring heat to emerge and over the next week it will be very chilly, so the message is to wrap up warm".

Met Eireann is not expecting the same danger on the roads we experienced during our recent cold spell at the start of January.

"Motorists should always take care but we are expecting things to be dry, so road conditions should not be as hazardous as the temperatures would suggest," she said.

Last month was the coldest January for at least 25 years and the trend appears to be carrying on into February.

The first 10 days of January continued a spell of exceptionally cold weather that began in mid-December, representing the most extreme cold spell over Ireland since early 1963.

It was also the coldest January since 1985 generally and the coldest since 1963 in the Dublin area.