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Forget dreams of white Christmas, say forecasters as wind and rain now on the way


A woman walks a dog through the ice and snow covered landscape

A woman walks a dog through the ice and snow covered landscape

A woman walks a dog through the ice and snow covered landscape

It may be time to stop dreaming of a white Christmas.

A Christmas snow fall is very unlikely based on the latest forecast information, according to Met Eireann.

Forecaster Gerry Murphy said: "Overall in general, it's quite mild."

It looks as though the overall temperature of the air over Ireland will be much too mild for any snow, the expert believes.

However, the forecaster cautioned that the weather can change, and there are still nine days to go.

"But at this stage, it looks unlikely," Gerry said.

"At the moment, the indications are that the run-up to Christmas will overall be quite mild with rain and blustery winds and quite mild conditions at times.

"Yes, there will be some days when the rain clears through, that you get a frost at night and some showers, but that's typical winter weather.

"There's nothing exceptional about that, but at the moment, there doesn't look to be anything on the horizon that's extreme enough to give us a white Christmas," Mr Murphy said.


Meanwhile, it may feel very cold, but temperatures are quite mild at the moment for the time of year.

"Overall for the next seven days, the mean air temperature will be above average."

"There is a weather system approaching from the west today that is bringing rain from across the country this evening and tonight. It will stay mild and quite dull and wet at times over the next couple of days," the expert said.

From today, once that rain spreads across the country this evening, until well into Thursday, it will be "dull, mild, blustery, with rain in all areas at times."

For tomorrow and Thursday, temperatures are going to be around 10C to 12C during the day, and around 7C to 9C at night, so it is not going to be cold.

"Once that rain clears through it does get colder for Thursday night, Friday and Saturday and at that stage, day time temperatures drop back to about 5C and 8C, and the nights will be chilly enough, but not exceptionally cold at this time of year," the forecaster said.

"But that is still typical temperatures that you would expect in Ireland at this time of year. But for the week as a whole, in terms of mean temperatures it is going to be overall a little milder than normal."

In general in the run up to Christmas, it looks as if the weather is going to become mild, wet and blustery at times again.