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'Forget cable car - people are homeless', says Dermody


Anne-Marie Dermody

Anne-Marie Dermody

Anne-Marie Dermody

There are high hopes for a cable car service in the Dublin Mountains, but the idea is "more headache than it's worth", according to some.

Critics of the plan point to Ireland's only cable car, which takes residents and tourists to and from Dursey Island off the west coast of Co Cork.

The service has been plagued by difficulties since it was opened in 1969, including islanders being stranded and a missing overhead bolt, leading to new cars being installed at huge cost.

Now plans are being made to renovate it at a cost of around €8m.

Insiders said great caution should be employed over the proposal to build Ireland's second cable car service.

If approved, it would run between Tallaght and the Hellfire Club in the Dublin Mountains.

South Dublin County Council Sinn Fein representatives Cora McCann and Dermot Richardson are currently awaiting the results of a feasibility study.

The Dublin Mountain flagship project could cost up to €19m, but a source in Cork indicated that the initial cost of the cable car could be much higher.


"This project has been nothing but a big headache for us," he said.

"We get so many communi- cations about problems with the cable car and now there's this huge refurbishment project next.

"In theory, it's a good idea, and a lot of people use it, but it's very expensive to run and maintain."

Bantry councillor Danny Collins raised the issue at a recent council meeting.

"The cable car is normally working well, but in the past three or four months or so no one has been there to operate it all the time," he told the Herald.

"A family who had rented out a house on Dursey Island had to cancel on the day their guests were due to arrive because they found out that the cable car would not be running."

South Dublin Fine Gael councillor Anne-Marie Dermody said: "I'm the only one that thinks this cable car idea for Tallaght is madness. Maybe the Cork issues will be an eye-opener.

"The €19m is the start of it. That money won't see that cable car plan finished and money will go into the ground like a bottomless pit.

"We have a homeless crisis, never mind talking about a cable car."